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Good Turn Weekends

  • Good Turn Weekend - 7 Ranges   (Mar 10-12, 2023)
  • Good Turn Weekend - 7 Ranges   (Apr 21-23, 2023)
  • Good Turn Weekend - 7 Ranges   (May 12-14, 2023)

    All Good Turn Weekends are open to all Units.

    To register, click on the Good Turn Weekend of your choice, and complete the process.


    Don't forget to complete the Pipestone Certification form and bring it with you to camp so that all of your Scouts and Scouters receive proper credit.  Link is below.

    Based on your feedback, this form has been improved to include larger spaces for completion and is downloadable as a fillable pdf.

     Click HERE for Good Turn Weekend Roster

    Click Here for Pre-camp (home) Covid screening form


    John Harriman, Good Turn Weekends Coordinator -

    For Camp McKinley contact


    Good Turn Weekend Resources:

    • Good Turn Weekend Roster: Excel  |  PDF
    • Pebble Patch Roster: Excel  |  PDF
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    2022 Good Turn for Camp Honors at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation

    Greetings from the Busy Beavers!

    The Good Turn staff is pleased to announce that registration is now open for all three Good Turn Weekends on March 11, 12, 13; April 22, 23, 24; and May 13, 14, 15.You may sign up at the

    Council website ( Click on the weekend you are interested in and follow the directions to register or go to the council calendar and then the month you want. Click on the GTW and follow the directions.


    A few things to remember:


    Campsites and/or buildings will be assigned on a first-come/first-served basis. Buildings will have to be rented.  This will avoid having more units in a building than assigned.  If the campsite you wanted does not appear on the list when you register, it is likely because another unit has already selected it, and it is no longer available. Check in at the camp office BEFORE going to your campsite. Only one vehicle per unit is permitted at any campsite or building. All others stay in the main parking lot.


    Print a Good Turn Weekend roster form. ALL of the information is required. Please print so we can read it and turn it in at check in.


    Print a Covid-19 form for everyone attending and have them filled out at home before coming to camp. Everyone’s temperature will be taken at check in. Each group may NOT go to its campsite until everyone in that group has turned in a Covid form and been checked for temperature. We will use six feet distancing and wear masks when indoors.


    Project selections are by family/grouping.  Once your unit makes their registration, our project coordination team will review, and assign a specific project for your unit.  For example, if your unit selects “paint/stain structure” from the list, we’ll determine what structures are most in need, and assign applicably.  Also, if two smaller units select “paint/stain structure” for the same weekend, we may assemble them into a team and have them conquer an entire structure, as opposed to having half of two completed.  If your unit has already spoken with, and received approval from the Ranger for a specific project, please indicate so on the registration.

    Thank you for all that you do for our youth, and our camp!

    Busy Beaver Good Turn Team

    John Harriman

    Ranger Steve Ernst            


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