Voice of the Scout is Evolving to Better Serve Members

Why the Change?

The Voice of the Scout survey uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to gain insights into the quality of the Scouting experience from our members and volunteers. While NPS best practices call for surveying to be done on a regular basis to account for seasonal and operational changes, the decision to only send the VOS survey twice a year was driven by JTE updates. Therefore, the VOS scores were affected by business and program cycles that may have failed to accurately represent membership opinions over the full year.

In 2017, VOS will no longer be part of council JTE points, allowing us to change the survey method to one that reflects industry best practices so we may gather the most accurate, real-time, and valid data possible to evaluate new ideas, understand experiences, and coordinate efforts on a monthly basis. This will help ensure that we are all taking the right steps for the right people at the right time.

What’s Changing?

In 2017, the VOS will become a monthly survey. One-twelfth of your members and volunteers will receive the survey each month, with each person in your council only receiving one VOS survey per year. These monthly totals will be aggregated in a semi-yearly roll-up of responses, creating a picture of what is working and what needs improvement in your council.

More important, we will be able to see the trends in opinion over the course of the year and more accurately discern where we exceed and where we fail so we can better meet our members' expectations.