Internet Rechartering


Thank you for your leadership and guidance of Scouting in the Buckeye Council, I appreciate and value your time, efforts, and involvement.  Annually each Chartered Organization renews its charter with the Boy Scouts of America which assures that the Chartered Organization is using Scouting's programs – whether Pack, Troop, Team, Crew, Ship, or Post – to serve youth and that the unit roster is up to date. This annual renewal is called "Rechartering".

This year’s rechartering process will be completed through an entirely new online system available through the portal for Internet Advancement. Significant improvements including refreshing your roster in real-time, uploading of new applications, and a fully digital submission should make this process easier than ever. You’ll find instructions, details, and answers to frequently asked questions on the following pages.

As there is no longer a need to turn in physical paperwork to submit your completed recharter, we are making a couple of key changes. First, there will be no physical recharter “packet”. Instead, all the details will be electronically distributed. Second, there is no longer a requirement to meet with your commissioner or district professional to review the completed paperwork. However, we still want to connect with you about how your unit is doing and what needs you may have. Along with submitting your recharter, we invite you to complete the AHEAD survey. AHEAD stands for Annual Health, Experience, And Desires and will help provide us with key insights on your unit’s health, program experiences, and future needs.

We are excited to continue offering a Free Rank incentive to units in conjunction with the rechartering process. All units who complete and submit both the recharter and the AHEAD survey by the due date will earn free rank advancement for one year!

Here is a summary of the timeline for completing the charter renewal process:

  • October – Charter Renewal information will be digitally distributed.
  • 30-45 Days Prior to Due Date – Conduct a Charter Renewal Planning meeting to review unit dues, begin collecting dues, and begin the online rechartering process.
  • 1 Week Prior to Due Date – Finalize and submit the recharter to allow time for electronic authorization from your Chartered Partner.
  • District Due Dates
  • Netawotwes, Harding Area, Johnny Appleseed Trail - December , 2021
  • Sandy Beaver and Killbuck - January 13, 2022
  • Hetuck - February 10, 2022

Again, thank you for volunteering your time to serve youth in our area. The Buckeye Council has programs of the highest quality because of our dedicated leaders and volunteers.  You make a difference!



What's New?

Entirely New System

There is an entirely new system for the recharter process this year. This system is designed to be a new and improved with real-time updates, online payment, and more. Below are some key features:
  • Electronic Authorization Only – Electronic authorization will be the only method for units to receive approval from the chartered organization. There will be no more signatures to obtain on physical rechartering paperwork. 

  • Online Payment – Units can elect to pay online by credit card, an e-check online, or paying the Buckeye Council. Regardless of payment method, no physical paperwork needs to be submitted to the council.

  • Additional Paperwork Upload Process – If you have additional applications, YPT certificates, or Background Check Authorization forms to attach to your recharter, you will electronically upload them to the online renewal system and NOT turn in any physical copies.

  • Real-Time Roster Updates – Rosters in the new renewal system will update in real time. Meaning if an application is turned into the Buckeye Council during your recharter window, it will automatically appear on your roster in the new system.

  • Youth Protection Validation – Youth Protection Training must be up to date within the online recharter system for all adults in order for them to be selected and renewed. Leaders who are not current within the system records will not be able to be renewed. Log in to my.scouting and view a YPT trained leader report to see which leaders have expired.
  • Accident & Sickness Insurance Included in Online Fee Calculation – Accident and Sickness Insurance fee of $1 is now Included in online calculation of fees due: No need for a separate calculation to be done. The online system will tell you the exact fees that are due.

The annual registration fee for all BSA members is:
  • $73 ($72 National + $1 local insurance) for youth
  • $46 ($45 National + $1 local insurance) for adults
  • $46 ($45 National + $1 local insurance) for Explorer youth
  • $75 recharter fee

No Physical Packet Distribution or Turn In
The entire process can be completed online, eliminating the need to turn in any paperwork. Since there is no need to turn in any materials, there will not be a physical packet distribution. There will be NO PHYSICAL PACKET TURN IN. If you pay online and your recharter is completely error-free, your charter will automatically post.

AHEAD Survey & Free Rank Incentive
We are excited to continue offering a Free Rank incentive to units in conjunction with the rechartering process. All units who complete and submit both the recharter and the AHEAD survey by the due date will earn free rank advancement for one year!