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William D Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award


The new William D. Boyce New-Unit Award recognizes volunteers who organize one or more new traditional units. Celebrating Boyce's organizing spirit, the award consists of a silver square knot on a background of yellow, green, and red—representing the traditional Scouting program colors. Award Requirements: With the approval of the district committee chair, serve as the organizer and complete the successful organization of one new traditional unit. Organize the unit by following all (twelve) procedures as published in the New Unit Organization Process, No. 34196, ensuring that new unit leadership is trained, program is organized and begun, the new unit committee is functioning, a unit commissioner is assigned, all paperwork is processed, and the unit charter is presented to the chartered organization. Only one volunteer can be recognized as the organizer for each new unit. Three program devices can be earned and worn on the new-unit organizer knot for each additional new traditional unit organized. Each program device represents the type of unit organized. Multiple program devices from the same program may be earned and worn. The new-unit organization award recognizes volunteers for organizing traditional units after March 1, 2005. Recognition items in addition to the square knot include a new-unit organizer certificate and lapel pin.
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