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Program Ideas for your unit!

Is Your Unit Thinking Too Big?


Overwhelming feedback from unit leaders has been that they struggle to find locations for Pack and Troop meetings and the restrictions for large group gatherings prohibit them from hosting hikes, campouts, and other full unit programs. If you are one of these units, you are thinking too big!

The Boy Scouts of America has the best small group program for youth in America…we call them Dens and Patrols!  Packs and Troops which have thrived through this pandemic have used regular den and patrol programs hosted at parks, church parking lots, backyards, or other areas to gather in small groups.

What program ideas have worked for your unit?

Some of you have cracked this nut and have come up with novel and fun ways to engage your Scouts.  If you are one of those leaders, let us know!!

This page will be dedicated to ideas for units to use during the winter months as we deal with the restrictions of Covid-19 and attempt to run our programs in the safest possible way.  Have a great idea to share?  They can be your own, from another Council’s web site, general internet knowledge, etc.  Send your program suggestions to [Click for member's page]

We will update this as new ideas are found…  Check back often!


Scouts BSA Troop Ideas

Jamboree on the radio and Internet 10/16 Weekend!  Click Here for moreExternal Link

Troop – merit badges via zoom or online:  Scouting Heritage; Oceanography; Traffic Safety

Troop – activities:  mini-golf; county bike trails; patrol hikes

How about some Training?


In response to the needs of Youth Leaders in Troops and Crews, Scouting U has released two new virtual training programs for Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC). These new temporary instructional training programs are available by logging onto https://my.scouting.orgExternal Link and launching the BSA Learn Center. When the Learn Center opens you can select the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) from Programs as applicable to you.  In the Programs are 2 Learning Plans – Introduction and Tools of Leadership – you will need to complete both.  When selecting a Learning Plan, it will open with a description and course listing – click the Enroll Button to record your completion progress.  For courses within the Learning Plan simply click the Start button and take the course until you complete it.  Both the Learning Plans and Course will show your percentage of completion.

Module 1 is a brief five-minute introduction to the organizational structure of the unit. In Module 2 participants will spend approximately 36 minutes learning about the Tools of Leadership. Designed to help Scouts and Crew members develop their leadership, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Specific topics include Creating a Vision, Goal Setting, Communication, Planning and Delegation, and the Stages of Team Development. Upon completion of these two modules, a certificate of completion will be available, and should be printed for their Unit Leader. The completion certificate allows Scouts an opportunity to complete the third and final module in a virtual online environment.

Using a Zoom or similar online video conferencing program, Module 3 provides Scouts an opportunity to virtually interact with their fellow Scouts and leaders to expand and integrate their leadership expertise. Topics covered in the final one-hour module, includes Team Development and Characteristics, Group Decisions, Leadership Styles and Tools, Ethics and Values and the EDGE method.

Unit leaders interested in offering this new Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and Crews can contact to request the directions, PowerPoint, and Script for Module 3.


Cub Scout BSA Pack Ideas

Pack – activities:  fishing derby; rain gutter regatta (used cardboard cards instead of blowing through a straw); movie night on the lawn; canoeing (on a lake) near Canal Fulton; STEM…egg drop competition; model rocket launch


Cub Unit Ideas

Hold a Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

If you still do Pack or Den meetings virtually, one fun idea would be to do a virtual scavenger hunt.  Some ideas are:


Game 1: I am holding a virtual pack meeting tonight. Considering a timed scavenger hunt where all items have to be placed in front of the webcam in 5 minutes. Working on a list now (with point values). Planning on doing highest score in 5 minutes entered in the chat window rather than completing the list as that might take a long time.


Game 2: Everyone is at the ready. Gamemaster calls out an item - first scout to find that item in his house and show it on screen to the gamemaster wins that round. (Banana peel, staple remover, pink hi-liter, baseball, etc.)


Game 3: Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt


Game 4: Book Scavenger Hunt


Game 5: Scout Knot Scavenger Hunt



Pack 145’s Challenges

Pack 145 in Christianburg, VA came up with a number of challenging things for their cubs to do.  See their ideas at this link: Link


Cub Scout Adventure Videos

The National Council worked with 50 councils across America to produce Cub Scout Adventure videos to help den leaders.  See them here: Link

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