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OA Elections during Pandemic

From our Lodge Chief:

My name is Christian Stark, and I am the 2019-20 Lodge Chief for Sipp-O Lodge. If you don’t already know, Sipp-O Lodge is a part of the Order of the Arrow (Scouting’s National Honor Society) and is chartered with the Buckeye Council.


Because of COVID-19 and its effects on Scouting, we are unable to complete Unit OA Elections because units aren’t meeting at the moment and we can’t send out our election teams either. So, we have a request for you. Since we can’t come out and do the election for you, we are asking that you help us out and complete the election within your unit and send us the filled-out election form.


With this email, I am attaching an instruction sheet for completing an Order of the Arrow Election and a blank Sipp-O Lodge Election Form.


To be eligible for election, all youth members must:

  1. Hold the rank of First Class (for members of a Scouts BSA Troop) or hold the Discovery Award (for members of a Venture Crew)
  2. Have completed 15 nights of camping in the prior year, and
  3. Receive approval of the unit leader


Here’s how the process will look for you:

  1. Meet with your unit like you currently do (whether it’s Zoom or any other service) and make sure that at least half of your active youth are present
  2. Show the election video ( Link)  to your unit (which explains how it will work and what the OA is)
  3. Have the youth of the unit elect whomever is eligible with CLOSED VOTING
  4. Tally up the votes (youth must receive at least HALF of youth present votes) and complete the form
  5. Send a scanned version or picture of the form to


This was a very abbreviated version of the election process, but all details are contained in the attached documents.


Additional information about virtual elections and how to utilize both Zoom and Google Forms to facilitate your elections (at no cost), please visit Link



If you have any questions or aren’t entirely comfortable completing the election, please don’t hesitate at all to contact myself (, Toby Hoy (, or the Membership Team (


Thank you for all your help with this, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Christian Stark

Sipp-O Lodge Chief


Sipp-O Lodge Election Instructions.pdf


Ordeal Info

If you were elected in 2019 and have not taken your Ordeal, you can take it during 2020.  The next Ordeal is scheduled for June 2-4. Ordeal Registration

If you get elected this year, you may take your Ordeal in June Ordeal Registration

or the fall of the following Spring.  We will do everything we can to get you to membership in our program!  

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