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Fall Virtual Camporee


The fall virtual camporee is on!  Look at the requirements and join for fun and adventure...  We will have awards announced on December 1.  Paul Terry, Aquatics Director for the Seven Ranges Summer Camp has put together some fun and challenges for the fall camporee season.  While you are out you can participate by completing the activity and posting some pics, reporting the info to Paul, and showing that Scouting is alive and well in our area! 

Virtual Fall Camporee.pdf

Buckeye Council Virtual Fall Camporee

Buckeye Council is offering a program during the fall camping season! Participation will continue until November 30, 2020.  All Covid-19 procedures must be followed during any campouts, meetings, or scouting activities. We are encouraging Troops in the Buckeye Council to participate in these camporee activities on your own, in groups of 10! All activities are awarded five (5) points for participation and a score up to fifteen (15) based upon creativity, accuracy, and scout spirit. Post your activities on the Buckeye Council Facebook Page with pictures and a brief description of your activity.


Troop # _________________ Council _____________________ District ___________________

SPL ____________________________ Scoutmaster ___________________________________


Activity                                                                                                            Participation   Score

1.) Uniform Inspection - Gather up to 10 scouters in your unit and            

demonstrate a proper scouting uniform. Include photos of everyone

in their full uniform. Suggestions include matching neckerchiefs, patches, hats,

Belts, etc.                                                                                                        _________    _______


2.) Pioneering Project- Create a useful scouting-related pioneering

project by using square, shear, or diagonal lashings. Include either the

timber hitch or clove hitch to tie of your lashing. Bonus score for project

Creativity. (1st class Requirement 7a)                                                           _________   _______


3.) Campsite Inspection-  Following Covid-19 guidelines show evidence of

an appropriate campsite such as is done at 7R summer camp. Explain why you

chose this site for camping following Second Class Requirement 3b.           ________     _______


4.) Pumpkin Chunkin- Create a pumpkin launcher following the Guide

To safe scouting. Points will be scored for distance, creativity, and function _______    ________


5.) Norman Rockwell Painting- Create a Norman-Rockwell type painting

starring your troop!                                                                                        ________    ________


6.) Canoeing Trip- Participate in a boating trip no more than 5 miles.

Show evidence of proper Safety afloat precautions.                         ________   ________


7.) Summer Camp Program- Create a theme for a Seven Ranges

Summer Camp. Design a hanging temporary patch, council patch, and two

T-shirt ideas.                                                                                                   ________    ________


8.) Pumpkin Carving - Carve a pumpkin with a scouting appropriate

Image. Bonus points for a group of pumpkins in a theme                             _________     _______


9.) One Match Challenge- Using one match create a fire of only organic materials that have been scavenged and gathered.                                                                  ________   ________

10.) Skit Challenge - Create a skit on your own that is scouting

Appropriate and submit a video of the skit being performed                       _________   _______


11.) Flag Ceremony - Show a retreat and raising of the colors

In proper fashion. Practice before submitting the video of your retreat

For the best look.                                                                                            _________    _______


12.) Good Turn Challenge - Find a good turn for the community or a

local camp that is approved. Show pictures of before and after your

Good turn.                                                                                                      ________   ________


13.) Knot- Board- Create a board of different useful scouting knots

like those seen at the Frank G Hoover Dining Hall                                        ________   ________


SPLs are responsible for the “trustworthiness” or your participation!  When you complete an item, add to Facebook and email a picture to  “winners” will be announced on December 1, 2020. 

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