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Updated Cub Advancement Program

Cub Leaders,


We want to make you aware (if you didn’t already know) that the Cub Scout Advancement Requirements have been modified.  You can check out the 56-page document outlining the modifications, but we will outline them for you below.


  1. The reason behind the modifications are to make it easier to complete the requirements within a year.  Den Leaders were finding it difficult to fit all the advancement requirements in before their Blue and Golds.  As most of you have noticed, you had to push your Blue and Gold back a month or so to allow for more time to complete requirements.
  2. The time it takes to complete an adventure has been shortened.  Use the Tiger Required Adventure: My Tiger Jungle for example.  Rather than completing all 5 requirements, Tigers must complete Requirement 1 plus at least 2 of the other requirements.  Similar changes have been made for every Adventure in the Cub Scout Program. 
    1. If you are a Cubmaster, we recommend giving each of your Den Leaders the copy of their modifications.
  3. You should start using these modifications in your Pack ASAP.  This will reduce the pressure to complete everything before your Blue and Gold when boys can’t make it to meetings, forgot their stuff, etc.
  4. Everything that has been achieved up to this point still stands.  You do not have to go back and redo adventures that have already been completed.
  5. You do NOT have to go buy new books!  Changes will be made in future copies of the handbooks, but the modifications can be used with the current handbook.  Like previously stated, please pass this information on to your Den Leaders with the modifications so they can start using them. 


If you have any questions or concerned, please contact your District Advancement Chair or District Executive.  

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