How To Print Charter Certificates

FAQS AND HOW TOS – Charter Certificate Printing

FAQS AND HOW TOS – Charter Certificate Printing PAGE 0 OF 3 (Q) My council has always been required to print and deliver charter certificates. Why is this being changed? (A) In an effort to streamline basic operations and put tools in the hands of volunteers, the BSA has decided to make “self-service” as many membership processes as possible. This change will allow unit Key 3 to print charter certificates in a timelier manner.

(Q) When is the effective date of this change? (A) The effective date is January 1, 2019. (Q) Will I still be able to order charter certificates to print for units that don’t have access to print their certificate? (A) No. Charter Certificates will no longer be available to be ordered. Councils should start communicating this change to the field now in preparation of the January effective date. Councils can also choose to keep their remaining stock on hand to print charters as a courtesy for units that have no means to print their own. 

(Q) What file format is the certificate in? (A) The charter certificate is downloaded as a PDF file. (Q) How does a unit print their charter certificate? (A) Only the unit Key 3 have access to print the unit charter certificate. The steps on how to do this are as follows:


STEP 1: One of the unit Key 3 logs in to with their current user ID and password.

STEP 2: In the upper left portion of the screen, click on Menu, then the unit you wish to print the charter certificate for (if you are a registered adult in more than one unit, all units you are registered with will be displayed), and then Organization Manager. 

STEP 3: To print the charter certificate, click on the card icon. A prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen for you to open and print or save an image of the charter certificate. Click Open to display and print the certificate.