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Event Rules Update

The BSA has instituted new guidelines for the safety of all participants and leaders of any event that involves an overnight activity along the same general guidelines as a District Day Camp or BSA accredited Summer Camp.  As someone who is a leader for the District and anyone who is interested in being a future leader we want to make certain that you are aware of the new classification in  NCAP that starts at the first of the year. 


Short-term camps are defined as:


Short-term camp is any council-organized overnight camping program, whether one-time or continuing, that is one, two or three nights in length where the council or its agents provide the staffing and may provide program and food services, and includes camps conducted off council properties. National training courses are subject to the short-term camp requirements, regardless of format or duration.

We invite you to join us on Oct 22nd to learn more about this classification and some of the specifics about how to define it, and what is expected. 


Understanding and Implementing Short-Term Camp NCAP Classification

October 22ndat 7pm CT

Effective January 1, 2021 the Family Camp NCAP classification will officially be retired. In its place, the BSA will add a new term to the NCAP vernacular, “Short-Term Camp”. Join us for a webinar to learn about how this short-term camp NCAP classification will be administered and managed. Information on the applicable National Camping School training, a walk through the standards, assessment process and more will be shared.

October 22nd Registration Link: Link



I hope you are able to join us



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