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IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Background Check Authorization Forms to be Completed

Background Check Authorization


Important Changes Regarding Registration Renewal

Effective 1/1/20 there are some significant changes that have been announced by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America regarding renewal of membership registration. First, the annual registration fee will increase for all registrations renewing on 1/1/20 and beyond. The amount of the new registration fee has not yet been announced and will likely be determined by 10/23/19. Units beginning the renewal process can access the online system in October, but will not be able to complete the fee calculation portion until after 11/1/19. While we all understand that membership fees increase from time to time, the absence of what the new fee will be make it difficult to plan around. As soon as we learn the fee for 2020, we will communicate it to you promptly.


Second, the National Council will begin running periodic Background Checks on all leaders rather than only at the time of joining. This policy will help further ensure the safety of youth in our programs and is an important step as we continue to make youth safety a primary focus. In order to make this process possible, all currently registered leaders must submit a new Background Check authorization form before renewing their registration for 2020. Completed authorization forms must be turned in to the Buckeye Council prior or during the recharter process. All leaders have received an email regarding this change from the National Council on 10/6/19.


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Background Check Email to Leaders from National CouncilExternal Link

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the email from the National Council legitimate?

A: Yes.


Q: Do all leaders need to complete a Background Check Authorization form?

A: Yes.


Q: Can leaders use the Background Check Authorization form that is a part of the adult application?

A: No.


Q: Which office should leaders mail their form to?

A: Any office is accepting the forms but the preferred office to mail them to is the Canton office.


Q: What color ink should be used to sign the form?

A: It does not matter.


Q:  How will this impact the current rechartering process?

A:  The online rechartering process will officially open as planned on October 1, 2019 for our December recharters. The process will go forth as usual with the exception of the “calculate fees” portion, which won’t be functional until November 1st. Units will not be able to recharter any adult volunteers who do not sign the Background Check Authorization Form.


Q:  What should units do if they have already collected 2020 membership fees?

A:  Unfortunately, units will need to collect the additional funds from families once the new amount is known or use popcorn sales to generate funds to cover the difference.


Q:  When are Unit Charters due to the Council office?

A:  All charters are due to the Council office no later than the following:

  • Netawotwes / Johnny Appleseed Trail / Harding Area / Tuskegee = December 13
  • Sandy Beaver / Killbuck = January 10
  • Hetuck = February 14


Q:  What happens if my unit cannot receive the Authorization Form from an adult volunteer during the recharter process?

A:  Units are recommended to make the decision to drop the adult from the recharter if they cannot receive the Authorization Form. Any missing Authorization Forms will cause a recharter to be defective. Any defective recharters are not considered “complete” and will not receive the recharter incentive of Free Rank Advancement for a year.


Q:  What if someone declines the background check?
A:  If someone chooses to decline the background check, or if you do not complete the Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form, your 2020 annual registration will not be processed.


Q:  What about multiples? Do they have to sign a second Authorization Form?

A:  Only one authorization form per person needs to be collected and retained. However, it is a best practice to fill out one for every unit and non-unit position held.


Q:  Can I scan/fax a copy of the Authorization Form to the Buckeye Council?
A:  Yes, so long as it is legible and is sent by the individual who signed it. It must be printed and saved the same as an original. Scans are to be sent to or faxed to 330-580-4283.


Q:  Can I pick up blank copies of the Authorization Form from the Buckeye Council?
A:  Individuals are encouraged to print and make blank copies of the form.

Q:  What about adult volunteers who were recently registered as a leader?
A:  Everyone who registers as a leader prior to recharter must complete the authorization form.


Q:  What about volunteers that are not registered with units
A:  All currently registered adults are to sign the Authorization form. This includes all unit, district, and council volunteers and staff. This also includes Merit Badge Counselors.   


Q:  Can I just reply to the original e-mail from the National Council and attach the signed authorization form?

A:  No. Signed authorization forms are to be turned in to the Buckeye Council. Volunteers can turn in the form in through the following methods:

  • Mail the signed form to Buckeye Council (2301 13th Street NW, Canton, OH 44708)
  • Bring the signed form to any Buckeye Council Service Center
  • Scan a copy of the signed form to the Buckeye Council at
  • Fax a copy of the signed form to 330-580-4283


Q:  What about unit renewals that have already been processed or will not recharter until after January 1?

A:  For unit renewals that have already been posted because the unit renewal date was prior to the email notification or the unit renewal date is after January 1, authorization forms still need to be collected as soon as possible. All new authorization forms should be received by December 31, 2019.


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