Statement of the Purpose of the Good Turn Requirement

The purpose of the good turn requirement in “The Camp Honor Program” is two fold:
1. To instill the sense of ownership in the summer camper toward the Buckeye Council camps and through that sense of ownership, a greater sense of responsibility for the careful use of the program areas, facilities and natural areas of the camps.

2. To provide for the maintenance and improvement of the Buckeye Council camps.
To facilitate these purposes, projects shall be of such an extent and duration that the camper knows that they have made a significant contribution to the camping program of the Buckeye Council. Units should consider the skill levels of their campers and select projects that will permit each camper to be actively engaged in the work to maintain and improve the Buckeye Council camps.

Good Turn Weekends

The Buckeye Council has always had a great tradition of volunteers working through the years to maintain and improve its camps. It was a natural evolution to encourage more campers to complete their "Good Turn Requirement" for "The Camp Honor Program" before they attend summer camp. In doing so the campers can fully meet the purpose of the Good Turn Requirement and have more time for other activities at summer camp.

To assist Units that want to do more than what can be accomplished at summer camp to complete the "Good Turn Requirement", weekends have been set aside at Camp McKinley and the Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. Units attending the "Good Turn Weekends" will be expected to work on projects assigned to them on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until about 4:00 p.m. The activities for the remainder of the weekend will be at the discretion of the Unit. No fee will be charged for a Unit that wants to camp for the weekend and a lunch will be provided on Saturday at 12:00 p.m. for the participants in the Good Turn Projects.

Due to the popularity of the Good Turn Weekends and the coordination required, participation will be limited to about 500 at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation and about 250 at Camp McKinley each weekend.

Walk-in Units may not be permitted to participate. Please apply early, to assure your Units participation in the Good Turn Weekends.


Can’t make it to the Good Turn Weekends?

Your Unit can still complete the Good Turn Requirement of the Camp Honor Program before attending summer camp between the end of Summer Camp and June 1st. If your Unit is scheduled to be in Camp McKinley, Camp Rodman or Seven Ranges Scout Reservation before summer camp starts, contact the Ranger Skip or his representative two weeks before you are scheduled to attend. He will help you select an approved project your Scouts can work on to complete their Good Turn Requirement for the Camp Honor Program. (Seven Ranges Scout Reservation & Camp McKinley – Ranger Steve – 304-777-0522), (Camp Rodman -Jon Karns 330-821-7113)


History of the Good Turn Weekend Program in the Buckeye Council B.S.A.

Recollections of Jim McLinden 7/22/06, Amended 9/19/07

In 1987, Dick Stratton, then Chairman of the Council Camping Committee of the McKinley Area Council B.S.A. asked me to carry on the "Good Turn" as started in the McKinley Area Council before the Dining Hall Fire.

I told Dick at the time, that since we were calling the work "Good Turns" ,as started in Camp Tuscazoar before the Dining Hall Fire, we should do our best to tailor the projects to specify Scouts as well as leaders working on the projects in Seven Ranges.

In “Those Days" the level of volunteerism in our council was at its peak. Scoutmasters and their committeemen would bring tools to continue the work of building trails, unit entrances, Adirondacks (such as the ones seen in most units in Tuscazoar) any job needed to be done to help keep the camp operating and improve it).Crews always brought their own tool, lunches and- High Spirits.

During the winter of 1974, the kitchen, including cook's quarters, caught fire and burned. About 1/3 of the dining hall was beyond repair.

As soon as the ashes were cooled, the men who were frequent workers in camp, came together in Tuscazoar. These men, many skilled in building trades were from all over the council brought a variety of tools. Our "workshop" was the parade grounds, and the cleanup, and reconstruction began. The cooks' thoughts were incorporated, as well as rangers, and professional staff, as well as regular summer staff. The job was completed over the winter of 1974, as I recall. and Summer Camp was ready for its next year.

At this time, we were identifying "Good Turn" projects from the reports of spring and fall Camp Inspections by the Council's Camping Committee. The Busy Beavers reserved a room at the Scout Service Center, to annualize the project list' for tools and materials for each project. Copies of this list .would then be given to Camp Rangers and the Council Chief Executive, along with materials and manpower estimates (boy and man). After approval from Council, estimate of the material costs would be supplied to Council.

The Busy Beavers were then assigned to supervise all projects. Rosters of the participating troops were then given to anyone assigned to supervise projects.

Finally, the Busy Beavers would sit down in a meeting room at the Scout service Center and­ call the troop leaders to confirm their commitment to the Good Turn Weekends, and to the execution of the assigned project. Material and tool needs were discussed. This meeting usually consisted of eight or ten Beavers, simultaneously making the contact calls, and usually lasted about 3-4 hours.

After assignments were confirmed, Busy Beavers were then assigned to Registration, Supervision of the Maintenance Building, Tool House, Dining Hall and Kitchen, Cooking and supervision of dining hall events, Transportation, Supervision of all work projects and Checkouts.