Busy Beavers & White Eyes
Volunteer Opportunities at Buckeye Council Camp Properties



The Busy Beavers is an ad hoc group of registered Scouters who are interested in assisting the Buckeye Council camping program by maintaining, improving, and building facilities at the Buckeye Council camps (currently: Seven Ranges Scout Reservation, Camp McKinley and Camp Rodman) . The Busy Beavers encourages and facilitates opportunities for other Scouts and Scouters to do the same, as the camp Good Turn Program has accomplished.  A designated member of the Busy Beavers will work closely with a designated member of the Buckeye Council staff to establish that all maintenance, improvement, and building projects fit into short and long range plans for the Buckeye Council camps. A designated member of the Busy Beavers will provide information to the Buckeye Council Properties Committee regarding the group’s activities within the Buckeye Council camps. The Busy Beavers request no other recognition beyond being permitted to assist the Buckeye Council as stated above.

To belong to the group known as the Busy Beavers, a registered Scouter must be committed to:

  1. Doing his duty to God and his country.
  2. Helping other people at all times.
  3. Keeping himself physically strong (with due consideration of age), mentally awake (with due consideration of age), and morally straight.
  4. Being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
  5. Being prepared.
  6. Doing a good turn daily and as often as an opportunity presents itself .
  7. Being clean in outdoor and indoor manners.
  8. Being careful with fire.
  9. Being considerate in the outdoors and indoors.
  10. Being conservation-minded.



 The White Eyes Volunteer Program is still looking for more people to help make improvements to Camp McKinley. If you're looking to spend some time outdoors, meet some new people, and make Camp McKinley keep looking great, contact Jeff Dugan at 330-309-5596 or send him an email at [Click for member's page]. The White Eyes work days are the second Saturday of the second full weekend of each month. Work days last from 9AM until around 3PM and take place rain or shine. It's also a great opportunity for units to come out and do conservation projects, service projects, or Good Turn for their summer camp experience this summer. 

Last month's work day was another busy one! Three new cable gates were installed to limit the traffic through camp. The work group also dropped some dead Ash Trees that posed some safety issues. They also placed a new telephone pole and hung some downed powerlines. 

Good Turn season is in full swing and a few units have already began coming to camp to complete their projects for summer camp and the camp honors program this year! The biggest project completed so far is the is the old rifle range. One of the units finished the dismantling of the range house and another unit began clearing the backstop of brush. The look of the range has been improved greatly, thanks to those units! 

We hope to see you at camp soon!