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Law Day

Event Details

Friday, April 19, 2019 from 7:50am to 3:45pm
Crossroads UMC
120 Cleveland Ave. SW, Canton, OH 44708
Law MB Day is Hosted by the Stark County Barr Association. There is a limit to 144 Scouts. Scouts will be divided in to Patrols and will tour the different court buildings in Canton.

Registration Information

You can register now through April 12 2019 at 4:59PM
- The Participant Capacity of this event is 144 and there are currently 97 Participant(s) registered
Individual Registrations Regular
Law Merit Badge Youth Participant $12.00


All participants are expected to remember at all times that you are Boy Scouts, that you are very visibly representing your organization and that the Scout Oath and Scout Law should guide your behavior.

            We realize and respect the fact that each of you has chosen to forego what might have been a leisurely day at home, in order to earn this merit badge.  Please remember that your instructors are also sacrificing their valuable time.  Please read the material ahead of time (“Be Prepared”).  Please pay attention.  Please actively participate in discussions.  Please have all cell phones (and all other electronic devices) turned off at all times unless there is a real emergency!


Read these instructions!



Drop-off can begin a little before 7:50 am.  Scouts will enter the Crossroads UMC (“1” on the map) at 112 Cleveland Ave. SW, through the Cleveland Ave. entrance. Three drop-off alternatives are recommended:

(1) Scouts can be dropped off along Cleveland Ave., in front of the Church. The church is at the corner of Cleveland Ave. & West Tuscarawas (Tusc), south of Tusc.  Cleveland is one-way going north. The area in front of the entrance will be a drop-off zone with the no parking, just dropping off

(2) Scouts can be dropped off along Tusc., between Cleveland Ave. and Court Ave.

(3) Courtyard Center (“B” on the map) has agreed that the parking lot behind the building can be used as a drive-through for this event (See asterisks on the Map).  Please follow these rules if using the drive-through: Pull all the way to the end of the parking lot before stopping to let out passengers.  Do not pull into parking spaces as they are all reserved. Keep the traffic flowing.  You will exit onto 2nd Street and must turn left on this one-way street, heading back to Cleveland Ave.


Pick-up should be between 3:50 to 4:10 pm.  The three alternatives recommended above can be used.  Please let your scouts know your pick-up spot ahead of time.  Again, the drive-through will only work for all, if a flow is maintained.



Check-in begins at 7:50 am and ends at 8:15. We need to be done on time, so that we stick to the busy schedule, so please arrive no later than 8:10!

  1. “Be Prepared” – Before Scout Law Day, please check patrol assignments, posted on-line at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  2. If you forget to check the list ahead of time (tsk, tsk), the list will be posted next to the front door.
  3. Then enter the Church, where donated food items can be dropped off to the right.
  4. Proceed up the steps to the check-in area.
  5. Get in the line for the scout’s Patrol number. Check in, & turn in completed Blue Card.
  6. Join the assigned Patrol.


All the handouts you need are posted or emailed, so you can print those off as needed.  If you forget needed hand-outs or cannot print them off, or if there are new handouts, we will have copies at check-in.  It is recommended that you bring a folder with your materials. At check-in, you must turn in your blue card, already filled out by you, and signed by your scoutmaster.



Each scout will be assigned to a patrol for the day.  Each patrol has been given a specific name, and a number for convenience.  The patrols must stay together as scouts rotate from courtroom to courtroom, and to and from lunch. The benefits of the patrol system shouldn’t need explanation to Scouts. It is critical that the patrols stay together!


This is a growing experience for the scouts. They will be in a patrol that consists of up to 11 other scouts from all over the Buckeye Council and northeastern Ohio (and further). Please note that no scouts from the same Troop will be in the same patrol. Patrol assignments will not be changed. Each scout will have plenty of time at lunch, or after the event, to share with the scout’s buddies what the scout experienced in each class, but we don’t want that exchange to take place during a class. If a scout has a disability that requires a reasonable accommodation as to patrol assignment, please let us know when pre-registering.



It is self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, you can contact ahead of time.  As noted above, you will move as a patrol from place to place, so no one should get lost.



The event is designed so that individual scouts can participate without the need for either troop participation or adult chaperones.  The area that the scouts will move around in is all centrally located, with the longest walk a few hundred yards.  The scouts will always be in their patrol.  There are plenty of court personal, including sheriff deputies, as well as others, who will be insuring that the scouts move from class to class.  Even though adults are not required to come along, we welcome scout leaders and parents who want to escort the scouts, so long as they allow the patrol to function as a patrol without adult interference and they allow the scouts to have first dibs on seating if it is limited in any of the courtrooms. 



Scout should move quickly to the Church (#1 on the map).  Please be polite, attentive and thankful.

The lunch will be pasta, salad, roll, and the always anticipated awesome scout cookie. If food allergies prevent a scout from eating the offered meal, a packed lunch with the scout’s name can be brought and turned in at registration. The packed lunch will be refrigerated, and then available for the scout when the scout arrives back at the Church at noon.


Adults: There is not enough room for accompanying adults to eat with the scouts. There is space for some escorts to sit in an adjacent room if they wish. BUT adults are encouraged to enjoy one of the many nearby downtown restaurants and join back up with their scouts after lunch is concluded.



Don’t forget your contributions of canned goods

or other non-perishable food to be provided to the Church food pantry.





(This will be a bottleneck if you fail to follow these instructions!!!)

There will be security when you enter buildings.  Remember, no pocket knives or anything considered a weapon.  Consider leaving non-essential metallic items at home.  Consider carrying a change purse, or even bringing a sandwich bag to secure your change; that will make it much easier to load and unload your pockets before going through the metal detectors.  Just prepare as directed and follow the instructions of the deputies and the process should go smoothly.



Everyone who completes the MB will receive a completed blue card from the patrol leader at the last class. As already noted, you must turn in your blue card at check-in, already filled out by you, and signed by your scoutmaster.





Scouts can go to Stark County Bar Association (116 Cleveland Ave. NW, Suite 400 – across the street from the Church of the Savior - “B” on the map) for assistance at any time.  If a parent has an emergency and cannot reach a scout, the parent may call the Bar Association and a message will be relayed to the scout. 330-453-0685

Event Location

Crossroads UMC
120 Cleveland Ave. SW
Canton, OH 44708

Event Resources

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