Commissioner Service

Commissioners are Scouting’s first line of support for units and leaders. We are coaches, friends, and mentors as we help unit leaders deliver the Scouting Promise. Others have described the role as Scouting’s “customer service department”, meaning that we are responsible for customer satisfaction and quality control. That’s a tall order!

But simply put, a Commissioner stands in the gap with leaders who may be either new in their position and have questions about how to best work with the boys to deliver on the Promise of Scouting, or to be on hand to be representatives of their District and of the Council. They may, from time to time, even be asked to help find and recruit new leaders for the unit or to work with the Chartering Organization to assure that the unit is operating at peak efficiency. Regardless of the details, our job is to be behind the scenes, supporting the unit and its leaders, helping them reach the highest level possible on their Journey to Excellence.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of any Commissioner (or Commissioner candidate) is a true heart for service. There must be passion for the mission of Commissioning, which is to help more youth to participate in (and thus benefit from) Scouting. You don’t need to have years of Scouting experience, but you should have a deep desire to help our children succeed, and you must recognize the importance of the values based character development program that is the Boy Scouts of America. Many people who are in careers such as law enforcement, fire protection, military service or the teaching professions make great Scouting Commissioners, even if they’ve never been in Scouting as a youth and even if they have no children of their own in the program. When looking for new Commissioners to join our ranks, don’t be afraid to look outside your circle of friends that already proudly wear a Scouting uniform.

Commissioner Staff:

Harding Area District:

  • District Professional: Amy Heller,
  • District Commissioner: Doug Park,

Hetuck District:

  • District Professional: Dennis Vargo,
  • District Commissioner: VACANT

Killbuck District:

  • District Professional: Amy Heller,
  • District Commissioner: VACANT

Johnny Appleseed Trail District:

  • District Professional: Amy Heller,
  • District Commissioner: Dean Wills,

Netawotwes District:

  • District Professional: Chris Hyde,
  • District Commissioner: Ben Feutz,

Sandy Beaver District:

  • District Professional: Chris Hyde,
  • District Commissioner: Rick May,


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