Seven Ranges Scout Reservation

7070 Meter Road NE
Kensington, OH  44427
330-580-4272 x137


Seven Ranges Scout Reservation is operated by the Buckeye Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America.  It is located in Northern Carroll County, and encompasses nearly 900 acres of rolling hills, woods, meadows, lakes and ponds.  "Reservation" is the proper term used to describe a large tract of land that has multiple camping facilities.  On our Seven Ranges Scout Reservation, we have Camp Algonkin, Camp Calumet, Camp Akela, and many other activity areas.  For weekend Camping "Campmasters" are responsible for the property...  Depending on conditions you may not be able to take any vehicles to your site.  1 trailer and 1 car in the site is the maximum at any time. 

Campsites at 7R (Electric & Non Electric)

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