Seven Ranges has one of the most comprehensive Handicraft programs in the nation. The department is equipped with supplies for craft pursuits of all sorts.  At the Handicraft Center, Scouts and leaders are invited to create their own hand-tooled leather or woodcarving projects. Supplies are available for completing many kinds of Native American crafts including beadwork. The Handicraft Staff is available for instruction in all these areas. Feel free to stop in and create something new. 

Merit Badges

Composite Materials carries a $7 program fee to cover the cost of additional materials.  The following Merit Badges require project material to be purchased from the Trading Post for use in class.  Approximate project costs are shown and will vary based on the actual project purchased:


Indian Lore


Wood Carving

$7 - $9

$8 - $10

$2 - $11

$4 - $6

Craftsman Award

The Craftsman Award was started in 1975 and is given to a YOUTH who has spent considerable time at the Handicraft Center helping Scouts and Staff with projects. The award is an arrowhead hung on a leather thong from the right side pocket of the uniform shirt. The arrowhead was chosen because it was often the craftsman of an Indian tribe who spent many hours making arrows for the hunt. Though it was the hunters who often won the respect of the people, the unacknowledged long hours of the craftsman made possible the deeds of the hunter. This award is a way of thanking a Scout for his long hours of labor that help better the Handicraft program.