Field Sports

Camp Algonkin has a complete Field Sports Department that offers opportunities for archery,
fishing, rifle shooting, and shotgun shooting. All firearms use is done under the supervision of
a qualified instructor whose primary role is to impart the Scouts with a sense of safety and
the rewards of a life-long pursuit of the recreational benefits of field sports. Introducing
Scouts to the proper techniques of handling rifles, shotguns, and bows lends us a great
opportunity to help avert some of the firearm accidents that occur in our country each year.

In an effort to maintain the safety of the range and camp, no firearms or ammunition are to be brought to
camp by youth or adults. The Field Sports Department will provide the necessary firearms to adequately
operate the range. All live rounds of any type must be kept and stored at the Field Sports Department.

Merit Badges

Archery Merit Badge has an additional fee of $5 per Scout. All shotgun shooting (including Shotgun Merit
Badge and open program) has an additional fee of $2.50 per 10 shots.